Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes

Miss Dolly

Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes
Photo credit: Xavier Alvarez

Miss Dolly is a 35 minutes performance of aerial and korean cradles played outdoors. 4 dusty characters coming from who knows where, invest the scene. Taking with them, apples, humour, absurdity, aerobatics, and wind.Raw circus. Shamelessly. That hides nothing. The naive risk. Absurd of gestures. ! The human in its desires, nudity, sensitivity, distortions and obsessions.. Voices, sounds and screams, They roci, they send, they catch, they fly, they drop, they fall. It is funny … until when? ! Sharing thrills of adrenaline. And endless fury. A language who speaks to all and opens the imagination. A circus of a hideous beauty; sensual and ugly at he same time.


Show: Miss Dolly
Country: France
Genre: Nouveau cirque