Mr. & Mr. Burn


Meet Mr. & Mr. Burn, an explosive, chaotic, offbeat Vegas double act with a touch of disaster about them.
Listen as they fill the air with some sweet swinging, brass heavy music, but will they get through their gig without setting their whole world on fire? Mr. & Mr. Burn is built around an oddly comic, musical world played and looped live on trombone, tuba, baritone uke and electronic drums. Into this mix add contemporary clowning, physical theatre, puppetry, fire and pyrotechnics. Creating an anarchic world of surprises where anything can and will go wrong!

Funded by Arts Council England Co-commissioned by DOCA and Glastonbury Festival Originally Created at 101 outdoor arts creation space Ramshacklicious Ramshacklicious specialise in using traditional theatre forms to create high quality, contemporary theatrical experiences for the outdoors. We aim to create work that is accessible and yet subversive, presenting performances that are surprisingly complex and skilled in integrating live music, physical theatre, clown, puppetry, pyrotechnics and innovative design. Creating shows that take our unsuspecting audiences on anarchic journeys into the unexpected!


Show: Mr. & Mr. Burn
Country: England
Genre: Chaotic musical comedy with a touch of disaster
Email: ramshacklicious@googlemail.com,
Url: www.ramshacklicious.com