Teatro della Tosse - Balletto Civile

AXTO Oratorio per corpi e voci dal labirinto

Teatro della Tosse - Balletto Civile

"Is on the tip of the lacquered route
the infamìa of Creti was lying
that was concise in the false cow"

Dante Alighieri, Inferno, Canto XII, vv. 11-13.

Fondazione Luzzati-Teatro della Tosse e Balletto Civile are working on the creation of a new collaboration between Michela Lucenti and Emanuele Conte, who will stage the AXTO - Oratorio per corpi e voci dal labirinto.
After the happy experiences of ORFEO RAVE in the spaces of the Genova's exhibition, INFERNO # 5 at the festival of Cividale del Friuli and IL MAESTRO E MARGHERITA on the stage of the Teatro della Tosse, Conte and Lucenti create a show conceived to be welcomed by a circus tent. Central plant, tiers for the public and land in the middle of the arena. A few pieces of furniture and furnishings emerge from the earth, as if an apartment, without walls, had been invaded by the mud of a flood and then had re-emerged in part, once the water had dried out.
The environment in which the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur is celebrated is the home and the protagonists, to officiate the rite, are the family members, the inhabitants of that house. The company (composed of dancers, actors and singers of the Teatro della Tosse and Balletto Civile) will give body and voice to this epic and family story. The "monster" is now closed in the home, the hidden obscenity and the sacrifice consumed within the family.
A show that comes from the earth and the sweat.
What is the labyrinth? A place to get lost or a place to hide what scares us, what you can not understand? A prison, a madhouse, an island. The labyrinth is the place where the symbolic sacrifice is made, so the animal evolves into man. Let's get into the labyrinth, the human brain, let's get lost, let's leave a red thread behind us to find the exit, or maybe the entrance. A path that speaks of extreme solitude and walls, which should protect us and which instead only consolidate our isolation. We realize that there is no way out, that the limits are within us. The monsters are in our eyes, the walls in our mind. We eagerly seek the light and re-emerge from the infernal architecture of our thoughts only after having abandoned along the road a corpse, or perhaps a shell, a shell, which no longer serves us and turning back we discover that the monster had our face.

Directed by Emanuele Conte and Michela Lucenti
Choreographies Michela Lucenti
texts Emanuele Conte
scenic plant Emanuele Conte
musical re-elaborations Massimo Calcagno
ollaboration with texts Elisa D'Andrea, Luigi Ferrando
Assistant Director Alessio Aronne, Natalia Vallebona
production Luzzati Foundation-Teatro della Tosse, Balletto Civile, Ass. Cult. Ultimo Punto - Artisti in Piazza Festival
with Michela Lucenti, Maurizio Camilli, Emanuela Serra, Filippo Porro, Alessandro Pallecchi, Simone Zambelli, Aristide Rontini, Lisa Galantini, Enrico Casale.


Limited number of seats and mandatory booking at Info Point (P.1), hours:
thu h 17.00-21.00
fri h 13.00-21.00
sat-sun h 10.30-21:00

Show: AXTO Oratorio per corpi e voci dal labirinto
Country: Italy
Genre: Theatre, dance
Email: info@teatrodellatosse.it,
Url: http://www.teatrodellatosse.it/ - http://www.ballettocivile.org/it/