Têtes de Mules

Parasite Circus

Têtes de Mules

In 2011 Angela Neiman (Swiss actress-singer-Italian canton) and Baptiste Eliçagaray (actor of Dutch origins) founded the company Têtes de Mules, with the aim of creating unconventional theatrical performances and a more direct contact with the public.
In each show, the company seeks to unite various means of artistic expression in order to create a dialogue and an exchange between different artistic disciplines.

In 2012 they produced their first show, Parasite Circus, a splatter performance of puppets, a tragic but at the same time burlesque show, which wants to unveil the circus magic with dark humor. A liberating act that desecrates common sense and politics is an invitation to bear the weight of fear, it is a laugh in the face of death.
Mixing comedy and Greek tragedy, two Shakespearian buffoons pay homage to the ancient tradition of the circus, putting all the magic on stage, under a thick patina of black humor.


Show: Parasite Circus
Country: Italy - France
Genre: Grotesque theatre, splatter puppets
Email: tetesdemules@gmail.com,
Url: www.tetesdemules.com