The Flying Dutchmen

The Sky is the Limit

The Flying Dutchmen

Amsterdam's Juggler Michiel Hesseling, a Mozart in his profession, and Canada's fearless crazy French Canadian unicyclist Jean-Michel Paré combined their multiple talents and became The Flying Dutchmen. With explosive energy they travelled from Europe through the Orient and North America.

In a relaxed atmosphere, and freewheeling use of the most astonishing stunts, they reaches all types of crowds, regardless of continent, regardless of age. More important than their high skills is the contact with the audience, always looking for improvisation and comedy. Every show is still an adventure and a lot of fun for both artists. With interchangeable skills, yet inimitable styles, they gained more than ten first prizes around the world.

"Street entertainment is like anything else-you need inspiration from the greatest. Well these two are the very best." (The South Wales Echo newspaper)


Show: The Sky is the Limit
Country: Netherlands - Canada
Genre: Juggling with uncycle