Mr. Train


The Catalan company Trukitrek was founded in 1998. The members of the company come from different artistic worlds and they joined with the idea of ??forming a traveling puppet theater company, specializing in the production of shows that combine gestural theater with the world of puppets. The style that characterizes them is the "humanette", in which the characters are half puppets and half human.

Mr. Train talks about the relationship between a vagabond dog and a lonely old man, a bit dark and irascible, who lives in a train station where no train stops. Initially the man does not want to know anything about the dog, but the animal, inexplicably, becomes attached to the old man, making it become his object of affection.

Mr. Train is inspired by the story "The Blue Dog" by the Italian poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra. It is a poetic tale that speaks of solitude. A speechless show that combines puppet theater and animation cinema. A hybrid between theater and cinema. A show suitable for young and old.


Limited number of seats and mandatory booking at Info Point (P.1), hours:
thu h 17.00-21.00
fri h 13.00-21.00
sat-sun h 10.30-21:00

Show: Mr. Train
Country: Spain
Genre: Puppets theatre and animation cinema