Le Baccanti in collaborazione con Andrea Loreni

Atto Primo

Le Baccanti in collaborazione con Andrea Loreni

Le Baccanti initiate their route within the street theatre in 1998. From the very beginning, they test a wide range of expressive languages such as juggling, stilts, silent theatre based on puppetry. The plays they conceive take shape from all of this. They work with images to cause excitement and to engage the public. Le Baccanti  attended the Flic Circus School of Turin as apprentices, and since 2013 they joined the teaching staff and became bodyflight instructors.

Atto Primo (First Act) is a broad project, in which are blended together a highly emotional circus performance and a spectacle animated by a group of volunteers who are part of a lab on quality and attention of  movement. It is an intersection among artists, players and audience. A play that create a connection with the environment working with a group of people who loves theatre, movement and exploration. The most curious who want to prove themselves will be able to do so during the 12-hours intensive course. It concerns the energy of the group, the quality of our movements, our breathing. The work produced within the workshop will be staged throughout the Festival. The performance is designed to have several keys to interpretation. On the one hand, it is an open opportunity for the local community of Pennabilli. On the other hand, it is something never seen before, given that it is conceived starting from the lab activity. Furthermore, it is a mingling between physical work and deep food for thought, which maintains the level in virtue of the acrobatic performance. Atto Primo has resulted in a different spectacle, Il Silenzio si muove (Silence moves), all about the theme of silence. It will be readapted in Pennabilli drawing on the abovementioned laboratory held by Andrea Loreni.

Andrea Loreni is a funambulist, record holder and instructor, the only one in Italy who specialises in crossings at great heights. He was born in Turin in 1975. Between 1995 and 1999 he emerges as an extravagant artist. In 1997 he works as a self-taught artist and two years later he graduates in Theoretical Philosophy. In 2002 he attends the Flic Circus School of Turin and in the following years he studies contemporary circus at the Circus Space of London. It’s right here that he realises his ideas for the future: walking on a cable at great height. This exercise allows him to create a unique connection between physical and mental component. He seeks a kind of unity among body, mind, and spirituality. After reaching the record in Pennabilli in 2011, he comes back to the Festival  to collaborate to the mentioned project together with le Baccanti.

Show: Atto Primo
Country: Italy
Genre: Site-specific aerial acrobatics on tirolienne
Email: info@le-baccanti.com
Url: http://www.le-baccanti.com