Les Frères Troubouch

Lo spettacolo dei Fratelli Troubouch

Les Frères Troubouch

It's a bit like Asterix and Obelix without the village and the Romans. They no longer run wild boars but behind bicycles.The whiskers are there but they changed their shirts. Then they invent their magic potion so that the fat man can climb on top of the little one. The little one slaps the big one around and the big one goes crazy.Then they're still friends because it makes people laugh. They always wear helmets in case the sky falls on their heads and when they talk to each other they scream and sing, so then they dance. In the end, as there are only two of them, they have a mini banquet/feast. This 45-minute outdoor show is adapted to audiences of all ages and features bicycles, acrobatics, humour and songs.

The Frères Troubouch met in 1972 in Brussels where they entered the École supérieure des Arts du Cirque together. They share alarm clock, cigarette, soap and budget, do not miss a beat and create a common identity.

They end up knowing each other too well, they get confused and they like it. Finally, FTBs are brothers and although they differ in style and square, from a capillary and reflex point of view, everything is there. In 2011 they performed together on stage in a violent 20-minute form. During their third year of training, a brother accidentally hits a Ford focus with full force and breaks his pelvis.But the FTBs are in a cheerful mood and are back on the stage with a new show: Le Spectacle des Frères Troubouch!

Supports: Circuscentrum – Flemish centre of circus arts, Le Galet – cultural space of Reyrieux, French Institut of Morocco, Artistic Centre La Ruche - Saint Etienne sur Chalaronne

Show: Lo spettacolo dei Fratelli Troubouch
Country: France - Belgium
Genre: Contemporary circus
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