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Moby Dick

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The Teatro dei Venti Company was founded in Modena in 2005. It operates in four different but related fields: production of shows, socio-cultural planning, training and organization of festivals and exhibitions. He has developed his own artistic research with particular attention to the theatre in urban spaces, deepening the use of stilts and mobile sets of great impact. With the shows Il DraaagoSimurgh and Pentesilea has toured Italy and abroad, in France, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Taiwan, India and Argentina.

Member of the Emilia-Romagna Prison Theatre Coordination, it carries out permanent workshops at the Casa di Reclusione in Castelfranco Emilia and at the Modena Prison. Still in the social field, he promotes International Cooperation projects (Mozambique, Serbia, Senegal) and in the field of Mental Health in collaboration with the Department of Mental Health of Ausl in Modena. Since 2012 it organizes Trasparenze > Festival e Residenze Teatrali (Transparency > Festivals and Theatre Residences) for the promotion of the contemporary theatre scene. From 2015 to 2017 it has carried on the project "Urban Theatre Experience" with the support of Funder 35 - fund for youth cultural enterprise. Since 2016 it has been part of the FAIDRA Project supported by Creative Europe with partners from different European countries. Since 2017 it has been running a workshop with a group of asylum seekers from the "Mare Nostrum", a project with the support of Caleidos Cooperativa Sociale, with which it won the MigrArti contest in 2018. Moby Dick is the latest project in order of time, a synthesis of the work developed by the company since its origins: the utopia of theatre in urban spaces and in contact with communities.

Moby Dick is a show-event that brings to the square the ship of Captain Achab and his obsession with the White Whale, with a large theater machine and a core of 20 artists, including actors, musicians, acrobats and technicians. The Teatro dei Venti continues its artistic research in urban spaces with a street show that comes into contact with the community; in Pennabilli, in fact, interventions by students and groups of persons present in the area will be integrated into the show. The seafaring and epic setting of Melville's novel meets the archaic sound of the barrels of the Campania tradition, in a work consisting of philosophical reflection on the unknown, the contamination between languages from the West to the East and the use of large theatrical machines. 
Moby Dick is, as Pavese writes in the introduction to the novel with his translation, "the allegory of the spasmodic search, of the thirst for knowledge and revenge, of the relationship between good and evil, of the ferocity and devastating force of nature and man".

Concept and direction by Stefano Tè;
dramaturgical adaptation by Giulio Sonno;
consultancy to the direction by Mario Barzaghi;
assistance to the direction by Simone Bevilacqua;
live music by Luca Cacciatore, Igino L. Caselgrandi and Domenico Pizzulo;
costumes by Teatro dei Venti, Luca Degl'Antoni and Beatrice Pizzardo;
lighting design by Alessandro Pasqualini;
audio by Nicola Berselli;
stage design and production of stage machines by Dino Serra and Massimo Zanelli;
set design by Dino Serra in collaboration with the Teatro dei Venti.

The show on 13 June will be an open rehearsal.

Show: Moby Dick
Country: Italy
Genre: Urban theatre
Email: info@teatrodeiventi.it
Url: http://www.teatrodeiventi.it/