Compagnia Nando & Maila


Compagnia Nando & Maila

Actors, musicians and circus artists, Nando and Maila are among the first to found a contemporary circus company that experiments with the mingling of languages ​, in a moment when there wasn't a real movement of contemporary circus, nor circus schools in Italy yet. This determined an absolutely original, innovative and personal approach to research, putting into play the experience gained in their backgrounds (music, theater and dance) rather than a circus academic training. The fusion of languages ​​is recognizable in the characters on stage who play music and articulate circus techniques: for them, live music has a key poetic role, they try to merge the circus action with the musical performance, in a single gesture, and we propose an understandable, transversal and accessible dramaturgy to the most heterogeneous audience possible.

The productions of the company are "Kalinka", "Sconcerto d'amore", "Cabaret Circense" and "Sonata for tubes", which since 2004 have produced over 1000 replicas in Italy and abroad, both in reviews theatrical and in national and international festivals.

By and with: Ferdinando D’Andria and Maila Sparapani
Light and audio design: Federico Cibin
Scenographies: Ferdinando D’Andria
Directed by: Luca Domenicali
A show that, through the musical clown, explores the story of a well-matched pair of "Fellinian" artists: he (Mascherpa) is a ramshackle impresario-presenter, she (Maila Zirovna) is a messy primadonna coming-escaped-expelled from the great circus tradition of Soviet Russia. Nando and Maila bring to the stage a playful and tender charge that innervates disagreements, arrows, mischief and which is enriched gradually with poetry. They duet with executive musical contortions, when embraced they dance a tango while playing accordion and violin. In Kalinka live music is intertwined with gags, catchphrases, aerial acrobatics and juggling: a journey into the characters of the traditional circus, staged through a contemporary circus language.

Kalinka won the "Fuso d’ argento" award at the "L'isola che non c'è" Festival (Irgoli 2009) and the prize for best artists at the "Giullarte XII" Festival (Atripalda-AV, 2011).


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Show: Kalinka
Country: Italy
Genre: contemporary circus, theatre and music