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Why Not?

Di Filippo Marionette

The puppet company Di Filippo Marionette was founded by Remo Di Filippo and Rhoda Lopez.

Graduated in the history of theater at the University of Bologna, Di Filippo is trained as an actor, studying the commedia dell'arte, the neutral mask, the mask larvaria, pantomime, voice and movement. He works as an actor in various Italian companies, and in 2010 he approached the world of puppetry, thanks to the discovery of a small and fascinating workshop in the center of Barcelona: "Casa taller de marionetas de Pepe Otal". In this theater-laboratory, he discovers the nobility of wood, and its infinite faces, and rediscovers the threads that bind him to his childhood.

Rhoda Lopez, born in the Philippines and raised in Zambia, lived in Perth in Australia until she met Di Filippo. Rhoda's love for the arts derives from her culture and from an innate desire to communicate. Graduated in Musical Theater, she has worked in many theatrical productions as an actress, singer, dancer and presenter. She has been awarded as best actress and has also worked on the small screen in movies and various Australian TV series.

The marionettes they use are built by them in a small workshop based in Offida, a town in the province of Ascoli Piceno. The company has performed in festivals, theaters and schools in 16 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Holland, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, United States, Hungary. He also takes care of the artistic direction of the Festival Hors Lits Offida (Out of bed), and International FOF (Figure Offida Festival) in Offida.

Why Not?
The life of a puppet (like life in general) can be full of surprises. The protagonist of this new show by the Di Filippo Marionette company is called Proto, and he's ready to share its peculiarities and secrets. Dynamic and joyful show, where poetry and action meet to create the magic of the theatrical game.


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Show: Why Not?
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppet theatre
Email: difilippomarionette@gmail.com
Url: https://difilippomarionette.com/it/main-page/

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