Duo Mustaches

La Luna del pomeriggio - La vita e le canzoni di Georges Brassens e Gianmaria Testa

Duo Mustaches

The story of the life and the career of two great composers and poets. Alex sings Testa, Lucie recites Brassens in Italian and sings in French, accompanied by Alex on guitar.

Why Brassens? Because the writer, the poet, the musician, the "chansonnier",  the most authentic and original, irreverent and ironic of the last of the troubadours (minstrels), with the inexhaustible linguistic inventions that he uses in his songs to deal with the great themes of human condition, one of the most loved artists of the French cultural heritage.
Because it inspired all the songwriters who came later, including Paco Ibanes and Fabrizio De Andrè (in the early sixties, Brassens was one of the main models to which Faber, almost newcomer, looked, translated or was inspired in the text or in the music ). In 1967 Brassens was awarded with the Grand Poetry Prize of the prestigious "Académie Francais".

Why Testa? Because France, the country that invented chauvinism, in front of its first concerts at the Olympia in Paris, recognizes its greatness so much to baptize him as chansonnier. An artist capable of combining a cultured language with sophisticated music. On February 20, 2002, the success decreed by the French earned him the title of Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Letters.

Two masters of the word, satirical and irreverent the first, with the courage of kindness the secondo. Unmistakable voices destined to remain alive for a long time.

Alex, a young singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, already a member of the Jumboreel group since 2014, very soon he fall in love (at 17) with Gianmaria Testa for his deep and polite poetics, and his lyrics.
Lucie, actress and singer, grew up with the irreverent and satirical poetics of Tonton Geroges.


Event organized in collaboration with Alliance Française San Marino-Rimini e Pro Loco Pennabilli

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Show: La Luna del pomeriggio - La vita e le canzoni di Georges Brassens e Gianmaria Testa
Country: Italy
Genre: Recital, two voices and a guitar
Email: lucie.jeanette@gmail.com

Time Table

01/08/202021:301 h 30 min10 - Saloon