Fabio Saccomani

Bolle per Adulti

Fabio Saccomani

After the master's degree and the opening of a scientific library, Fabio Saccomani worked as an esteemed consultant, but in 2014 he decided to leave everything and be an artist. His first and most important school was the street, where he refined his natural predisposition for interaction and entertainment. However, he follow also the teachings of many excellent trainers, including Domenico Lannutti, Rita Pelusio, Jean Meningue, Peter Weyel, Renzo Lovisolo, Leo Bassi.
He has a strong vocation for the spoken and interactive show, with a provocative and satirical mode, based on spectacular effects released by a precise technical basin. He uses mixed tools and techniques (from knife throwing to guitar) to create a relationship with the public.
The biographical path and the type of shows make Fabio Saccomani a continuator of the Jester tradition. He is not a circus performer who brings techniques on the street, but a jester, or someone who brings "high" culture to the popular level and doing that he ridicules prejudices and powers, infact his shows have something that subverts and shakes, something intimately political.
His latest works are satirical performance shows, and multidisciplinary performances for theater and street. His artistic activity began as Mastro Bolla, who has made himself known as an eccentric and bizarre soap bubble artist and who has toured squares and theaters in Italy. The shows made as Mastro Bolla are certainly sweeter and less edgy, but the character retains the caustic characteristic.
In 2018 Fabio starts a new phase proposing himself as Fabio Saccomani and no longer identifying himself only with bubbles, but with all the techniques that serve to interact with the public. Its strength lies precisely in interaction, in speech and dialectic, but also in the ability to choose and deal with social and political current themes. He's very good in improvisation and in the visual, two new shows are now in production: one without words and a satirical one for the theater.

Bubbles for Adults
The audience is literally on fire by an original and engaging show, where satire and fantasies mix. Fabio Saccomani is a satirical speaker and touches on many current political, economic and religious issues, which are treated with incisiveness and provocation. Loud and elegant, his language is never vulgar, but always plays on various cognitive levels, targeting adults with a satirical subtext and amusing children with bubble techniques.
The tone and motif of the show are those of the performative and grotesque satire of the jesters: a constant provocative and sharp interaction where contradictions and taboos are highlighted, and where the volunteers (always adults) are even stripped and set on fire (often surviving).
But the harshness of the actions and the text is mitigated by the contrast of the sweetness of the character Fabio Saccomani, learned and likeable and apparently incapable of doing any harm, leads the audience on a 60-minute journey of pure crazy fun.


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Show: Bolle per Adulti
Country: Italy
Genre: Political satire and soap bubbles
Email: info@fabiosaccomani.com
Url: www.fabiosaccomani.com