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Teatri Mobili en plein air! Manoviva e Antipodi

Girovago & Rondella / Compagnia Dromosofista

In 1987, the artists Marco Grignani and Federica Lacomba meet on the island of Rhodes (Greece) and give life to the theater company Girovago & Rondella, which in seven years will turn into Girovago and Rondella Family Theater with the birth of Rugiada, Timothy and Thomas, who found themselves in a family of wanderers actors, then they are 'naturally' looking for a role in the group and artistically gifted, they follow in their parents' footsteps forming the Compagnia Dromosofista. Girovago and Rondella Family Theater define their puppetry as surreal and popular, and since it was born and structured in a particular reality like that of the Greek islands, without any comparison with other street artists, it represents an innovative and interesting artistic project. Their show is absolutely new in the Italian panorama, for this reason, within two years of their return to Italy, they enter into national circuit enjoying success (they win the Atripalda festival, and participate at Uno Mattina broadcast by RAI as representatives of the festival of Certaldo).

The journey is the context in which the research of this group of artists, made up of actors, musicians, sculptors, puppeteers and inventors, develops to the best of its expression. The companies are basically an extended family of three generations whose art has become, over the course of thirty years, a way of life . The group, based in Viterbo and Barcelona, ​​goes on tour moving with two special vehicles, dedicated to traveling theater, called "Teatri Mobili". The performances are devoid of dialogue, where the actors, through puppets and objects, create theatre shows. A common feature of the companies Girovago & Rondella and Compagnia Dromosofista is the pleasure of creating a spontaneous and surprising form of communication. The repertoire is contemporary and it's the product of decades of fieldwork, represented in the major international festivals from Brazil to India via France, Holland, Germany, Taiwan, Israel. 

The troupe of Teatri Mobili presents at Pennabilli the en plein air version , especially created for the 2020 summer tour.
Three open-air theatrical spaces are formed around the CamionTeatro. The first dedicated to Emotional Theaters (electro-mechanical theaters for one person at a time). The second space intended to host the show "Manoviva" by Girovago & Rondella and the third stage intended for the Compagnia Dromosofista with the show "Antipodi".


A microcosm where only the hands tell without words. Manin and Manon amaze for their skills: two incredible characters capable of performing in juggling numbers and acrobatic, better than any human being. He is not only a juggler, but also one man band and fire eater; she is a tightrope walker and more. The lights of the spotlights come on and everyone will find immersed in a fantastic world in miniature where everything is possible and real. The Manoviva characters, born from a patent of Girovago and Rondella comapny, are also used in hospitals and in schools as didactic motor therapy.

Any point on the globe has its opposite. Landscapes and living beings very different from each other are joined by a line equal to the earth's diameter. Where everything becomes reachable we think of a place that exists, but that is move away with our every step. Three characters invite the audience to follow them on a journey to the antipodes of the world. A surreal journey on a miniature horse, between startled characters and tiny shadow men running. Antipodi is the union of different styles and techniques of puppetry, from Chinese shadows to the manipulation of objects and physical theater.

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Show: Teatri Mobili en plein air! Manoviva e Antipodi
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppetry, Chinese shadows, manipulation of objects, physical theater, music, electro-mechanical theaters, open library

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    11/07/202019:301 h 30 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro
    11/07/202021:301 h 30 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro
    12/07/202019:301 h 30 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro
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