Sambol - Amore Migrante


Guappecartò were born in 2004 in Perugia as street musicians. During one of their performances the famous actress Madeleine Fischer - collaborator, among many others, of Antonioni, Sordi, Anna Magnani, Bergman - falls in love with them artistically and asks them to compose a soundtrack for his upcoming film. The creation of those songs leads young artists to decide to fully believe in their abilities.

They leave for Paris, with the intention of reaching the streets and squares of all of Europe more easily, driven by the sole desire to play their instruments and share their music with as many people as possible. Immediately the Guappecartò are loved not only by the public they meet, but also by critics and musicians who find in them a very high sense of stylistic freedom and a profound musical poetics.

To date, after 12 years from their birth, Guappecartò have released 4 albums and have performed in more than 1500 concerts throughout Europe.

The group has recently released the new album "Sambol - Amore Migrante", composed of nine reinterpretations of the works of Vladimir Sambol, Fiumano composer of the 30s, who emigrated to Sweden after the Second World War.
"Mrs. Mirjam Sambol Aicardi, after attending one of our concerts, decided to entrust us, Guappecartò, with the task of giving new life to the compositions of his father, Vladimir Sambol. We didn't know Mirjam, much less Vladimir; but we immediately recognized in his request a very sweet desire: to revive his father through the notes he left and she treasured for many years. Vladimir Sambol, called Vlado, was a composer of the early twentieth century. Forced to leave his hometown, Fiume, by way of of the tensions generated after World War II, he embarked on a long odyssey that led him to venture far away, to new and unknown territories, finally landing in Sweden, where his wife Yone gave him a daughter, Mirjam. During the exodus, Vlado was armed only of his instrument and a great love for music. This record is dedicated to that "migrant love", which doesn't fear barriers, travels, it goes beyond space and time and it's handed down from father to daughter. This feeling, in which we recognize ourselves, has become the raw material to shape this new record. The story of Mirjam and Vlado led us to abandon our comfort zones, to find others suitable for comparison; and it was the source of inspiration to reshape our sound".

Sambol's writing has in some cases been faithfully respected; in others, it has served to develop and obtain songs that are profoundly different from the original in favor of an unprecedented sound research of the quintet, extended by surprising collaborations, such as that of Vincent Segal (cello), Daniele Sepe (saxophone), Marzouk Mejri (daf and tar) and many other internationally renowned musicians.

The first single released was "Vlado", a piece produced starting from an unfinished score, actually a draft, on which the group then worked, creating a continuation of the composer's thought. The video of the song was shot by director Niki dell’Anno, while the script is by the double bass player. To continue this, in June 2020, the second video clip "Balkaninka" was released. The Guappecartò have commissioned its construction to the Trukitrek Puppet Company, a Catalan company based in Pennabilli. The video clip is a multidisciplinary project, a fusion of music, puppetry and animated films.


Show: Sambol - Amore Migrante
Country: Italy - France
Genre: instrumental music