Matthias Martelli

Il primo miracolo di Gesù Bambino (da Mistero Buffo di Dario Fo e Franca Rame)

Matthias Martelli

Matthias Martelli is an actor, performer, jester, writer, author-actor of the show "Il Mercante di Monologhi", with almost 300 active performances. He has won the Alberto Sordi awards, Locomix and Uanmensciò awards and is in the 2017 Top Ten of the most acclaimed shows for Media&Sipario. He is the interpreter of "Mistero Buffo" ("Funny Mystery"), only on stage, with the approval of Maestro Dario Fo and the direction of Eugenio Allegri, with the production of the Teatro Stabile di Torino and Teatro della Caduta in 2017, produced again in 2019 by the Teatro Stabile di Torino for the special edition of 50 years, on tour in Italy and Europe with over 100 replicas. He is the winner of the prestigious "Frontino-Montefeltro National Culture Award". "Nel Nome del Dio Web" ("In the name of Web's God") is his latest show, produced by the TRG Foundation of Torino. He is the author of the books "Il Mercante di Monologhi" ("The Monologue Merchant"), SuiGeneris Edizioni, "T’amo aspettando il contraccolpo"  ("I love you waiting for the backlash") and "Nel nome del Dio Web", Miraggi Edizioni. In 2019 he play in "Pierino e il Lupo" ("Pierino and the Wolf") by Prokofiev with the orchestra of the Teatro Regio of Torino. As part of the training, he conducts several seminars, including "Scopri il comico che c'è in te" ("Discover the comedian in you"), abour the construction of the comic-poetic character. You can find him constantly around cities, theaters, squares and countries of Italy and Europe.

Il primo miracolo di Gesù Bambino da Mistero Buffo di Dario Fo e Franca Rame
con Matthias Martelli, regia Eugenio Allegri

Mistero Buffo
 is considered the masterpiece of Dario Fo. Eugenio Allegri directs Matthias Martelli in the re-presentation of this extraordinary work: the actor is alone on the stage, without tricks, with the intention of involving the public in the dramatic action, going from the comic lecture to the poetry, up to the human and social tragedy. A new and original language and interpretation, in the name of the tradition of a genre used by medieval jesters to overturn the triumphant ideology of the time by demonstrating its groundlessness.

"To speak of the current production is to be at a loss for words, as Martelli’s interpretation of the jongleur soars beyond the heights of genius – both in its devotion to the person of Fo and in his betrayal of him – in making Mistero Buffo a work of art that is now very much Martelli’s own [...] is nothing short of the most spellbinding piece of physical theatre you are likely to witness in any one lifetime" - (Loretta Monaco)


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Show: Il primo miracolo di Gesù Bambino (da Mistero Buffo di Dario Fo e Franca Rame)
Country: Italy
Genre: Theatre