Piero Massimo Macchini

ScherziAMO, chi nasce per gioco non può che vivere in allegria!

Piero Massimo Macchini

Piero Massimo Macchini is a multifaceted artist: actor, comedian, mime, fantasist and clown, he has experimented with all the various forms of humor. He is an international artist, after attending training courses with the masters Jango Edwards, Yves Lebreton, Bustric and Leo Bassi, he has performed in all five continents bringing his visual comedy works with the character Dolly Bomba in the shows "Brainstorming" and "Fuori Porta". In Italy he works on several fronts: theater, television, cinema, radio, publishing and web. Showman and entertainer has also distinguished himself as a convention and cabaret presenter. Since 2012 he has staged his works in the world of comic theater: "Complesso di Edipo in Tour" ("Oedipus complex on Tour" - first prize at the Comedy Festival, Città di Eboli 2012; special mention of the critics at the Alberto Sordi prize in Faenza 2013; Oscar winner of the Comico Forano 2014; show recorded in the transmission Ottovolante of Radio Rai 2), "ScherziAMO, chi nasce per gioco non può che vivere in allegria!" ("LET'S JOKE, who is born as a game can only live in joy!") “Radical Grezzo, Provincialotto a Km 0!” ("Radical Rough, provincial guy at Km 0!"), "Marche Comedy Record" (multimedia project with 12-hour live show),"Marche-ting, de-motivational show", "Gesticolor","Soqquadro di famiglia" ("family uproar"). In 2013 he founded and directs Lagrù Cultural Association and the web-tv-live project “MARCHE TUBE, Conoscere le Marche senza Capirci un Tube!” ("Knowing the Marche region without understanding a tube!"). Since 2015 he has taken part in the TV programs "Ci Pensa Fotticchia" on Agoon Chanel, "Eccezionale Veramente" on La7, "Challenge Four" on Rai4 and on several other regional TV stations. In 2017 he made his cinema debut with the film "Free Throw", directed by Alessandro Valori, followed in 2019 by the film "Just a minute", directed by Francesco Mandelli. He also dedicates himself to writing by publishing his first book "Piacere Provincialotto" ("Nice to meet you, provincial guy") in 2015, followed by “La gente mormorano” ("Murmuring people") in 2017 and “Manifesto Radical Grezzo” ("Radical Raw Manifesto") in 2020, for Giaconi Editore.

ScherziAMO, chi nasce per gioco non può che vivere in allegria! 
("LET'S JOKE, who is born as a game can only live in joy!")
by: Piero Massimo Macchini and Domenico Lannutti
with: Piero Massimo Macchini
direction: Max Giusti
Can a comic show deal with the meaning of life? Piero Massimo Macchini thought about it for a long time and one morning, reading the umpteenth article about the pension reform, he said to himself: "if whoever deals with the meaning of our life makes us laugh, why can't I as a comedian do the opposite?" From this bitter observation comes "LET'S JOKE, who is born as a game can only live in joy", a one-man show between biography, satire and vaudeville, in which the author inserts into the most noble tradition of the Italian acting, elements of street theater and clowneries, amalgamated in a post modern writing with a cinematographic breath. Piero Massimo, seventh brother of an endless string of Macchini, conceived as a game in a torrid summer of '77, after a childhood of oedipal doubts and an adolescence at risk of blindness due to love for the female gender, today, past 35 years of age, he is experiencing the time of great change with trepidation: to continue living with mum, or to go away with the woman of his life? Play cards at the bar with friends or choose the dinner with the in-laws? To work illegally and to pay contributions or just to work illegally? "In a crescendo of laughter that desecrates many clichés about the province and our idea of ​​Italianness, Macchini talks about his life by questioning his certainties and identity. Because if there is one thing that we Italians can do, it is laughing - and making people laugh - about ourselves.
Positive energy and lots of laughter in an hour and thirty minutes of show, directed by Max Giusti. Macchini is a professional and a lover of the joke, so the comic theater is embellished with refined visual techniques, pieces of mime and extraordinary numbers of magic.


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Show: ScherziAMO, chi nasce per gioco non può che vivere in allegria!
Country: Italy
Genre: Theatre, Cabaret, Stand up Comedy
Email: marilungo.management@gmail.com
Url: https://pieromassimomacchini.it/