Domenico Lannutti

Niente è permanente (come dice sempre il mio parrucchiere)

Domenico Lannutti

Domenico Lannutti presents a show of comedy, magic, poetry and madness.

A comic show that talks about points of view on reality, paradoxical paradoxes, dream collectors, dreamers, smart working, pandemics, mentally obese, unlucky lucky ones and a drawer full of dreams whose key has been lost.

Where does normality end and where does abnormality begin? Who we are? Where do we come from? Where do we go? How long will it take to arrive and if we arrive will we find parking? One thing is sure: life is a great joke and we are the joke and we just have to laugh! Each of us every day, finds himself experiencing conflicts at different levels: with himself, with the other, with nature. Conflict cannot be eliminated, it can only be experienced and accepted. So why not experience it in a fun and playful way? When we manage to laugh at the conflict, we distance ourselves from it, we disidentify, we see the problem in another light, we relativize it, we change our point of view, we accept it.

Laughter is like windshield wipers, it doesn't stop the rain but helps you see better. (J.Ugnot)


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Show: Niente è permanente (come dice sempre il mio parrucchiere)
Country: Italy
Genre: Stand up comedy