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If there is a common thread in the Hodmadoddery repertoire, it is certainly the deep love for the melodic tradition of the "Celtic fringes" of the north and west of the British Isles; Scotland, Ireland, Northern England and beyond, both traditional and contemporary. The first thing that strikes you in their performances is their devotion to the harmonies of guitars and voices, which recalls the classic duets, but which is also a completely personal elaboration of this genre.

Celtic Music. The duo uses this definition as a shortcut to explain to an audience not very familiar with the British folk tradition, what the origin of the songs is, the heart of the repertoire has always been made up of Irish and Scottish material, and shared love. for this genre it is the main reason that led these two musicians to play together. The circumstances of birth may have little to do with music, but for those who value this sort of thing as important, the roots of the two Hodmadoddery are in the lands of Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall, despite their birthplaces being Ghana and England.

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Show: Live concert
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Celtic music
Email: hodmadoddery@moonson.co.uk
Url: http://www.hodmadoddery.co.uk/