Alter (preview)


Photo credits: Sonia Nieto

As part of the PICE program promoted by Acción Cultural Española, which supports the internationalization of Spanish culture, we will host the Kamchàtka company, born in 2007 and directed by Adrian Schvarzstein. It has performed more than 420 performances in 31 different countries, and this year they will be in Pennabilli with the preview of Alter, a site-specific performance conceived for the woods around the small town. 

Alter, a journey into the middle of the night in search of our humanity, immersed in the absurd surrealism in search of hope. A time to share fragments of memories, glimpses of life, pain, fragility and small follies.

An experience closely linked to the landscape and interaction with the public. A nocturnal journey transformed into an exodus, a journey where memories constitute the first layer of construction of a collective future tinged with uncertainty.

Show recommended for 8 years and older



Creators: Cristina Aguirre Pérez, Claudio Levati, Andrea Lorenzetti, Judit Ortiz Parra, Lluís Petit, Josep Roca Canal, Edu Rodilla Soriano, Santi Rovira Odena, Adrian Schvarzstein Bialostozky, Gary Shochat, Prisca Villa.
Artistic coordination: Lluís Petit & Prisca Villa.
Soundtrack: La Fausse compagnie
Video production: Lluis de Sola.

A CARRER 88, S.L. production, accompanied by Melando, Francia.
With the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) – Generalitat de Catalunya.
Coproduced by FiraTàrrega #SuportALaCreació Program (Catalonia), CNAREP Le Parapluie – Aurillac, CNAREP Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne – Encausse les Thermes, CNAREP Le Boulon – Vieux-Condé, SCIN Derrière le Hublot – Capdenac-Gare, Furies – Châlons en Champagne (France), Arctic Arts Festival – Harstad (Norway).

Special thanks to Mutte Cultural in Pontos (Catalonia), Institut 22@.


With the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)
Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture (PICE) / Mobility Programme


Ticket price: 10 € + ddp
reservations required, presale can be purchased on www.liveticket.it
Buy your ticket: www.liveticket.it/opera.aspx?Id=315776

- The show might require walking on uneven ground and slopes (forest, countryside, ...).
- We strongly advise to wear comfortable walking shoes.
- We recommend to wear warm clothes as the event will take place at night.
- Not suitable for people with impaired mobility.
- Not suitable for children under 8 years of age.
- After buying the ticket on www.liveticet.it CHECK YOUR EMAIL: you will receive further information about the meeting place and how to participate.

Show: Alter (preview)
Country: Spain
Genre: Journey into the heart of the night in search of our humanity
Email: jerome@melando.org
Url: http://kamchatka.cat/en/the-company/