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Open Circus

Supported by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Open Circus is a project of the cultural association Circo e dintorni for the dissemination of circus culture, which aims to stimulate the dialogue between classical circus and contemporary circus, between tradition and innovation, through training activities for the public and generational turnover in the sector.

The artistic director Alessandro Serena, professor of History of Circus and Street Entertainment, comes from a traditional circus family (he is the nephew of Moira Orfei) and was among the first in Italy to deal with the new circus, collaborating with the Biennale of Venice since 2000,  in a path of contamination between the arts.

Alessandro Serena will hold a Circus storytelling meeting open to all. Omnipresent in every sphere of communication, storytelling is the use of narratives to better promote ideas and values. The circus, in fact, having a very long and fascinating history to deliver to modern audiences, lends itself very well to this technique. Through audience development initiatives, Open Circus intends to innovate the way of speaking about popular entertainment by building real circus stories in which the captivating anecdotal and the precise display of statistics will find the right balance according to the interested audiences.

Show: Circus Storytelling
Country: Italy
Genre: Conference