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Soundiders is an "all-star" band that gathers the artists associated with the SounDido cultural association. The partners and musicians linked to Soundido have decided to research, retrieve and record Dido's unreleased songs, arrange them, record them and turn them into a record.

More than 70 musicians and artists from today's cultural context that rotates in the Upper Valley bring all their baggage and their history: a real melting pot has inhabited the house in SounDido.

A crossroads of this kind cannot but be called "World Music" or a different and personal declination. From Tom Waits' favorite bars to African drums, from the suggestions of a wall piano to the tea rooms of an impenetrable district of Marseille, from Jarmush's cinema to research music, from a one-way trip to San Francisco to vegetables from the garden, from the Lions that wake up to the call of a bouzouki, from the strength of a love song sung in Italian to a delta blues guitar, there is everything inside. Everything that comes down from the Savio river. Members of Mazapegúl, Opez, Bar Luna, Jang Senato, Frei, Lennon Kelly, Supermarket, Post-Kitsch, Retromarching Band and many more.

The artistic direction of the band is harmonized by Massi Amadori (OPEZ).


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Show: Live concert
Country: Italy
Genre: World music

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
25/07/2021 21:30 1 h 30 min 20 - Anfiteatro