Teatro dei Venti (esito seminario)

Il Figliol Prodigo: esito del secondo studio per la creazione della nuova produzione per spazi urbani

Teatro dei Venti (esito seminario)

The Teatro dei Venti was born in Modena in 2005, it carries out its activity in four different but related areas: production of shows, planning in the socio-cultural field, training and organization of festivals and reviews. He has developed his own artistic research with a particular focus on theater in urban spaces, deepening the use of stilts and high-impact mobile scenographies. With the shows Il Draaago, Simurgh and Pentesilea he has made tours in Italy and abroad, in France, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Spain, Romania, Taiwan, India, Argentina.

Member of the Emilia-Romagna Prison Theater Coordination, he carries out permanent workshops at the Prison House of Castelfranco Emilia and the Modena Prison. Still in the social field, it promotes International Cooperation projects (Mozambique, Serbia, Senegal) and in the field of Mental Health in collaboration with the Mental Health Department of the Modena Local Health Authority. Since 2012 it has been organizing Trasparenze> Festivals and Theater Residences for the promotion of the contemporary theater scene. From 2015 to 2017 he carried out the “Urban Theater Experience” project with the support of Funder 35 - fund for the youth cultural enterprise. Since 2016 it has been part of the FAIDRA Project supported by Creative Europe with partners from different European countries. Since 2017 he has held a workshop with a group of asylum seekers from the "Mare Nostrum" project with the support of Caleidos Cooperativa Sociale, with which in 2018 he won the MigrArti tender. Moby Dick is the latest project in chronological order, a synthesis of the work developed by the company since its origins: the utopia of theater in urban spaces and in contact with communities.


The Teatro dei Venti with a new seminar and the Cantiere Creativo project intends to deepen its research for the creation of the new theater production in urban spaces Il Figliol Prodigo, investigating more deeply the aspects of chorality and active participation of the public.

Starting from the experience made last year which involved a total of 35 artists from different backgrounds and disciplines, with an outcome open to the public hosted in Pennabilli (RN) in the context of Artisti in Piazza and in continuity with another stage for in-depth study of the project developed in the Apennine town of Gombola in autumn, the Teatro dei Venti is a new stage in the project to approach the show.



The new stage of production will open again to actors, dancers, musicians who wish participate in this new experiment by deepening the research on the choral and musicality that the work requires.


The stage will also see the involvement of the territory through a rhythm / percussion workshop open to the whole community. A real Creative Construction Site that can be built in collaboration with local associations, to intercept needs, mend relationships and activate the participation of even the most fragile sections of the population.

With the artistic guidance of Stefano Tè, director of Teatro dei Venti, and the musical direction of Igino L. Caselgrandi, participants will be invited to bring everyday objects from their homes to discover or rediscover their musicality. During the journey they will take part in the creation process and will take the first steps in the direction of that "active spectator" which is the basic idea of new production Il Figliol Prodigo.

Free entrance, voluntary contributions.
reservations required: send an email with name - surname - telephone to prenotazioni@artistiinpiazza.com


Show: Il Figliol Prodigo: esito del secondo studio per la creazione della nuova produzione per spazi urbani
Country: Italy
Genre: Urban theatre
Email: info@teatrodeiventi.it
Url: http://http/www.teatrodeiventi.it/