Balletto Civile - Hamlet Puppett

Hamlet Puppett

Balletto Civile - Hamlet Puppett

Balletto Civile is a nomadic collective of performers, founded in 2003 by Michela Lucenti in collaboration with Emanuele Braga, Maurizio Camilli, Francesco Gabrielli and Emanuela Serra. The team is characterized by the research of a "total" scenic language, privileging the interaction between theater, dance and original live singing.

This year we will see them perform three different performances: Paesaggio d'interni, Loose Dogs and Hamlet Puppett.

Hamlet Puppett
Doesn't Hamlet look at the world from the outside like a scarecrow? Aren't we artists a bit of the same? Doesn't the weight of the fathers fall on each of us? And how often do we wonder if it's better to be or not to be, perhaps father reflected in my mind's eye. 

A performance that combines music, acting and dance, merged together and aimed at the same purpose: to reflect on the essence of life and art. Also this time we will start from the void, the body and the sound in the void. To be or not to be, is this still the problem?


By and with Michela Lucenti
And with Michele Calcari
Images Giorgina Pi
Music by Paolo Spaccamonti
Sound design Tiziano Scali
Sound supervision Valerio Vigliar
Creation assistant Maurizio Camilli
Production Balletto Civile - Bluemotion/Angelo Mai
With the support of the Ministry of Culture - MIC


Show: Hamlet Puppett
Country: Italy
Genre: Contemporary dance, Physical theater