Balletto Civile - Paesaggio d'Interni

Paesaggio d'Interni

Balletto Civile - Paesaggio d

Balletto Civile is a nomadic collective of performers, founded in 2003 by Michela Lucenti in collaboration with Emanuele Braga, Maurizio Camilli, Francesco Gabrielli and Emanuela Serra. The team is characterized by the search for a "total" scenic language, privileging the interaction between theater, dance and original live singing.

In 2016 the company won the Hystrio "Corpo a Corpo" award, while in 2017 with the show "Bad Lambs" they won the DANZA&DANZA Award.

This year we'll see them in three different performances, Paesaggio d'interni, Loose Dogs and Hamlet Puppett.

Paesaggio d'Interni (Interior Landscapes)
The stage is the street, the scene an interior, a table and two chairs, like an island to land on. A kaleidoscope of images from which Balletto Civile is inspired to investigate the emotional relationship between men and women: lovers, brothers, enemies, peers and companions. The performers change location and the story continues, in different bodies and roles. A dramaturgy that connects the storm of impulses present between us and the other using the change of perspective to make, what seems clear, quickly unexpected.

Concept: Balletto Civile
Danced and created by: Balletto Civile
Production: Balletto Civile
Photo by: Donato Aquaro


Show: Paesaggio d'Interni
Country: Italy
Genre: Contemporary dance, Physical theater