Chilowatt Electric Company is a project of Lorenzo Crivellari, juggler, musician, composer and inventor. In 2007 he moved to Rome and founded, together with Shay Wapniaz, the company "Fool's Wing", creating at the same time the show "Street Swing" that will be presented in many festivals of street theater and many Italian squares. Since 2013 he works as a juggler in the show "UNTITLED - I will be there when you die" by Alessandro Sciarroni. In 2014 he founds the company Chilowatt: an artistic project with the aim of using technology at the service of dramaturgical creation in live performance.

Rex is a show inspired by the figure of the scientist Nikola Tesla. A water sampler activated by the audience, people electrically transformed into musical instruments, juggling with high-pressure fluorescent water, manipulation of sticks and lots of talcum powder for an intimate show, where live music and manipulation of objects are the language of an amazing journey. It's a show with dreamlike tones, where the intimate atmosphere lets the viewer enter a new environment where there is no longer a boundary between performer and spectator.


Show: Rex
Country: Italy
Genre: Electric circus