Cumbia Chicharra

El grito

Cumbia Chicharra

Cumbia Chicharra, active since 2001, are 8 multi-instrumentalist musicians, from different backgrounds, each with their own influences and a strong musical background.
It is by patiently forging their unity, unanimity and musical complementarity that their compositions were born, and it is by mixing their influences, without drawing boundaries, that their explosive music is born. The cumbia as the epicenter, and a multicultural world to amplify and enrich the rhythm: Caribbean, Andean, African-American or Oriental music, the love of dance, the taste for dub, rock, hip-hop and electronic in a trance of percussion. 

Each song claims its autonomy and at the same time is linked to the others, between oriental delirium, cumbia sensuality, shamanic music, percussion mixture, Latin American rhythms, urban and contemporary sounds. 

This sort of Cumbia Fusion is the sound image of the city where they live: Marseille, mixed, sparkling and rich; as well as the instruments played by the band: percussion, horns, guitars, accordion, keyboards, all enriched by two types of complementary voices. 

The live, is both the driving force and the favorite playground of the group. It is on stage that Cumbia Chicharra really show their driving energy. With more than 350 concerts behind them, from France to Chile via Russia, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Italy, Cumbia Chicharra has earned its place in the European Latin scene.


Show: El grito
Country: France
Genre: Cumbia fusion