Frau Ludwig Carmela DJ

Dj set

Frau Ludwig Carmela DJ

Carmela Senfett is a promoter and booker of Italian origin, who has been based in Leipzig for years, a pilgrim of the world and of music by vocation. She founded Ludwig Sound, a booking agency that has been promoting independent and non-independent artists for years, with a common thread: the quality and energy of the music and the message. And energy is also the characteristic of Carmela's professionalism: determination in one pocket, the ability to build international networks in the other.

At Artisti in Piazza she will offer a dj set of eclectic music with the best proposals from the Ludwig Sound roster and more, from electro-swing to rock'n'roll, passing through funk, ska and afrobeat.


Show: Dj set
Country: Italy
Genre: Eclectic Dj Set