Jyoti Supernaturel - Music journey

Inner Free Space

Jyoti Supernaturel - Music journey

French citizen but man of the world, Jyoti Supernaturel searched, researched, practiced in authentic places, from pure masters - in the Himalayas and South America, India - he collected the secrets and sounds of authentic ancient musical instruments, vocal techniques and researched other ways cooperateing with energy of universe, till he found his own way. And created a unique show with crystal balls.

Jyoti Supernaturel will première also his music concert Inner Free Space, a sonic journey with 21 authentic instruments from around the world and analog gear from the 1970s. Like Krishna 6000 years ago, he play the freedom, the atmosphere of his music bring you to yourself, where is everything good for you and enough and where you have free space for new happy every day. This crazy composer and one-man-orchestra juggles funky, hip-hop, dub and traditional North American and Eastern music. Analog devices without a computer, sitars, didgeridoo, flutes and other instruments, unique vocals and throat singing in different traditions create an transcendental sound journey.


Show: Inner Free Space
Country: France
Genre: Deep humanité roots music
Email: jyotisupernaturel@gmail.com
Url: www.jyotisupernaturel.com