Ancle Ketch


Ketch, is a comedian and street artist, born in Shizoka, Japan, near Mount Fuji. In 1999 he formed the comedy duo Gamarjobat, together with his friend Hiro-Pon, enjoying great success in Europe through participation in international festivals, and also winning numerous awards. They have also appeared on several British television programs, including "Blue Peter," the children's talent show "The Slammer," and the Friday night ITV show "Comedy Rocks with Jason Manford."

After ending his 20-year run with Gamarjobat, he returns to solo performances in Europe and Japan in 2019. Ketch offers a multidisciplinary show driven by theatrical improvisation, where different disciplines such as pantomime, magic, juggling and music are mixed, without the use of words.


Show: Ancle Ketch
Country: Japan
Genre: Mime Clown