Laurent Bigot

D'un Air Instable

Laurent Bigot

Laurent Bigot, a composer and musician from Grenoble, has long been interested in the relationships that music can create with other artistic disciplines, as well as with the surrounding environment and themes of everyday life. For many years he has worked on sound objects in which music and set design coexist, collide or directly influence each other.
In his performances, Laurent brings inanimate and malleable objects to life, drawing unsuspected sounds and movements, highlighting the possibility of storytelling through sound. 

D'un Air Instable stages disposable, discarded objects that, as if they had returned to freedom, abandon themselves to their rituals of sounds and gestures, living their world disturbing the echo of ours, discovering with humor their newfound vitality. This performance is a shared incursion into unexplored landscapes in which music is understood as a poetic and sonic expression of animated material. The sounds that create the composition are generated by a flow of air, controlled by a compressor. A "mixer" defines the amount of time each "instrument" is transmitted: the objects take on the role of lungs and their invisible bodies acquire the ability to speak.


Show: D'un Air Instable
Country: France
Genre: Concert for unstable objects