Boucherie Bacul


Pikzpalace, that is Greet Verhoeven and Eric Peeters, graphic designers and filmmakers, until they fell in love with street theater more than ten years ago. Now they play at the major international street theater and pop festivals in Europe and beyond. Their absurd Belgian humor is greatly appreciated by their audience.

Eric Peeters: He made animated films in a previous life, but has been a maker, performer and actor at Pikzpalace for more than 10 years.
Greet Verhoeven: she has known Eric since she studied animation, she worked as a graphic designer for Belgian National Television for many years, until she lost her heart to street theater. She is also a maker, performer and actress at Pikzpalace with Eric. They are Belgian (Flemish) but always play in the language of the country (with the necessary mistakes but very understandable).

Boucherie Bacul is an old fashioned butchery market booth within and around which nothing is what it seems. The strange managers of this wondrous market booth are Simone Bacul and here brother Marcel. The rude Bacul family sell their morbid but above all insane merchandise to the passers by. But to do so they use very strange techniques. These Belgian Butchers prepare their tasty cuts… but there’s not a joint of meat in sight. A deliciously dark sideshow comedy, not for the feint-hearted.


Show: Boucherie Bacul
Country: Belgium
Genre: Street Theater with splatter stuffed animals
Email: pikz@telenet.be
Url: www.pikzpalace.be