Ruben Rojo Y Pennabilli Social Club

Live concert

Ruben Rojo Y Pennabilli Social Club

Led by Ruben Rojo, the group appeared for the first time as a trio in 1996, on the occasion of the music festival "L'Osteria del vento" in Urbino. Since then it has played in several festivals and local parties, gaining acclaim everywhere. Over the years there have been various metamorphoses in the formation but not in the musical choices, which have always ranged in the traditional South American repertoire with citations and excursions into other genres. The group is characterized by the voice and the charge of Ruben, who always manages to involve and drag the audience, flanked by Gildo Montanari, accordionist of Pennabilli origins, and Pedro Cipriano Mena Peraza, Cuban percussionist.

The Pennabilli Social Club has played in England, France, Spain and Liechtenstein. They have released three records produced by the label of Ass. Cult. Ultimo Punto, Kiu Records: Cafè y Manì (2004), Que te va gustar? (2006) and Macondo (2008).


Show: Live concert
Country: Argentina - Italy - Cuba
Genre: Traditional South American Music