Tai Paz e i Poteri Forti

Live concert

Tai Paz e i Poteri Forti

Taipaz (Paz Pugliese) was born in Miramar, Argentina, on February 13, 1994. He grows up in Italy immersed in a familiar past (and destiny) inevitably hybrid of musics, languages and cultures. 

Between travels and study, since 2019 with Lorenzo Brighi he starts searching for a way to translate the stimuli of distant musics into a more personal and experimental form, between afro and afro-latin rhythms, jazz harmonies, syncopations, some straight bass drum and singer-songwriter cues. In the spring of 2022, the first Ep was released: TaiPaz Vs Poteri Forti (TaiPaz Vs Strong Powers). 

The "Strong Powers" are oligarchs and oligarchs of quality sound, more or less variable band members in a fluid lineup depending on the situation:
Lorenzo Brighi - Guitars
Diana Pairva Cruz - Drums
Anna Corazza - Backing vocals
Lorenzo "Johnny" Righetti - Trumpet


Show: Live concert
Country: Italy - Argentina - Brazil
Genre: Tropical groovy Agrobeat
Email: taipazpugliese@gmail.com