Circo Cerini: l'unico circo al mondo con gli animali di fuoco!


CREME&BRULÉ is an Italian street theater company, born in 2013 within the Rome clown theater network, from the meeting of Valeria (choreographer dancer) and Alessio (fire-eating street artist). Through the common language of the clown, they create original street theater performances in which fire is an element of storytelling and where contemporary dance is translated with a popular language. With director Emanuele Avallone, in 2014 they created their first work "Danza Fuoco e Romanticherie," a show that combines the art of fire with theatrical clowning in a 1920s silent film atmosphere. The show has an international circuit, being replicated in festivals and events in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Malta, Russia, India, ...

The company is in continuous training, studying with multidisciplinary artists including: Gonzalo Alarcon (clown), Agnes Limbos (object theater), Giorgio Rossi (dance theater), Ines Pasic (figure theater), Johannes Dimpflmeier (mechanical sculptures), Girovago and Rondella (figure theater). In 2019 with the support of the of MIBAC/Regione Lazio begins a new research with the "Journey to the Center of the Moon," in residence at TerrArte-multidisciplinary residence in Lower Sabina. 

From this study was born the show the CIRCUS CERINI: the only circus in the world with fire animals! A fun, humorous fire show with a strong visual component. In the course of the show different creatures, puppets and flaming puppets each with its own peculiarity will be presented. Flaming snakes; fish, jellyfish and other underwater animals burning with turquoise flame; a firebird flying three meters high.
The pace of the show is kept up by the incursions of Paperotti, a simple rope animal who will captivate the entire audience, seeking space to present his performance. He will finally succeed in presenting his acrobatics-and his secret fire-eating talent-only with the help of the audience.
The style of the show harks back to the circuses of the 1950s, a bit of a bandwagon, a bit of a charlatan, creating a strong relationship with the audience through humorous popular language that plays on the unexpected and what happens in the square.


Show: Circo Cerini: l'unico circo al mondo con gli animali di fuoco!
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppetry, fire and clown