Fermento Etnico

Festa popolare

Fermento Etnico

The FERMENTO ETNICO group consists of two musicians (Violin and Organ) and four/sek dancers/entertainers who, with a few but effective cues, lead the audience to recreate the same atmospheres of the folk festivals that marked in the distant past the most important appointments of the ancient communities that used them. 

This street performance that recalls ancient folk festival rituals through the use of the most archaic means of communication we know: the body. Folk dances, the authentic expression of so many peoples, are a fabulous tool for harmonizing and bringing people together; exactly what this theatrical-musical improvisation aims to do, making the audience both spectator and protagonist. 

Fermento Etnico, with dancers, entertainers and musicians will offer a dance journey around the world, crossing many cultures and countries: European, Asian and overseas, to entertain and engage the audience in the serpentine of the Southern Quadrille or the circle of the Spanish Sardana, the steps of a Greek Sirtaky or even the rows of a French Bourreé.


Show: Festa popolare
Country: Italy
Genre: Dance, street entertainment
Email: info@fermentoetnico.or
Url: https://www.fermentoetnico.org/