Têtes de Mules & Cie Buffpapier

Apocalypso - La fine del mondo è solo un gioco!

Têtes de Mules & Cie Buffpapier

In 2012, Angela Neiman (Swiss-Canton Italian actress and singer) and Baptiste Eliçagaray (Dutch-born actor) founded the company TÊTES DE MULES. A creator of spontaneous shows and events, the company brings together different means of artistic expression, inventing its own universe, making the sets, transforming bodies in search of burlesque characters, creating sound matter or revisiting a puppet, always with a great passion for details. 

Franziska Hoby and Stéphane Fratini initiated the creation of the CIE BUFFPAPIER theater company in 2000. The uniqueness of the company's work lies in its 'collective approach to staging. In fact, ideas as well as improvisations are in perpetual confrontation throughout the creation of a show. Sets, accessories, characters: everything is a pretext for play, one with the "Théâtre Total," inspired by 1920s Russia.

APOCALYPSO is a co-production between the company BUFFPAPIER (CH) and the company TÊTES DE MULES (FR). In a revolving, tilting trailer that serves as a walking shooting gallery, six characters flail madly in a frantic race toward success: "Get close, pull, win, pick a prize! ". But what is success when playing with the Apocalypse? With drums, guitars and trumpet, the colorful troop of this merry-go-round sails straight toward its certain destruction. Clichés are twisted, plastic is eaten, guts spilled, mass consumption sung, and all that, in order to finally appreciate... the silence.


Show: Apocalypso - La fine del mondo è solo un gioco!
Country: Italy - France - Switzerland - Catalonia
Genre: Music and grotesque theater
Email: tetesdemules@gmail.com
Url: https://buffpapier.ch/de/