This Maag

Das ist der Gipfel!

This Maag

THIS MAAG was born around the early 1970s in Lucerne, Switzerland, and grew up in Zurich. He graduated in acting from the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts in Berlin in 1999. As an actor, he has performed in renowned theaters (Schaubühne Berlin, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Theaterhaus Jena, Staatstheater Schwerin, Theater Luzern) and worked with many directors, including Robert Wilson, Claudia Bauer, Rainald Grebe, and Alice Buddeberg. For more than 30 years he has performed throughout Europe and overseas with his hilarious and engaging street theater shows.

In Pennabilli, the artist presents the show DAS IST DER GIPFEL! (This is the summit!), an extraordinary Alpine folly with EU-certified Swiss humor! A quirky comedy that questions conventions, from gender boundaries to self-image, with a comedy reminiscent of Leo Bassi's performances.  This Maag's enormous talent for improvisation ensures that each performance is unique, always new and different, thanks in part to a dynamic interaction with the audience, who can't help but participate in the show!


Show: Das ist der Gipfel!
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Comedy street theater

Time Table

Date Time Duration Place
01/06/2023 19:15 45 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro
01/06/2023 23:00 45 min 20 - Anfiteatro
02/06/2023 16:00 45 min 1 - Piazza
02/06/2023 20:15 45 min 8 - Piazza Malatesta
03/06/2023 16:00 45 min 13 - Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati
03/06/2023 19:15 45 min 18 - Piazzale del Mercato
03/06/2023 22:00 45 min 1 - Piazza
04/06/2023 15:45 45 min 1 - Piazza
04/06/2023 22:30 45 min 21 - Piazza Montefeltro