Banjo Circus

Popeye and Olive - Crazy Pony

Banjo Circus

The Popeye and Olive show by Banjo Circus - International acro-music duo from England and Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the duet have performed all over Europe.  The company comes into existence thanks to Frank Powlesland, artist born in London and Lea Rovero from  Neuchâtel, Switzerland. They specialize in many disciplines including playing banjo, hand to hand, equilibrium, juggling, whip, unicycle, balance ladder, lasso, hat manipulation, and contortion.

You know the story but you never saw it like this before…A "strong" show for the whole family with pure entertainment from start to end. The Famous Duo take you in a contortional, musical, acrobatic,interactive, adventure  through a spinach eating.

Show: Popeye and Olive - Crazy Pony
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Acro-music and clownerie

Time Table

13/06/201919:3045 min1 - Piazza
13/06/201923:3045 min19 - Palacirco
14/06/201915:4545 min1 - Piazza
14/06/201921:4545 min8 - Piazza Malatesta
15/06/201916:0045 min1 - Piazza
15/06/201920:3045 min11 - Piazzetta san Rocco
16/06/201916:1545 min10 - Saloon
16/06/201918:0045 min8 - Piazza Malatesta
16/06/201921:4545 min11 - Piazzetta san Rocco