live concert


BantuBeat start from an idea of Fabio Di Summa, bassist of the group, who loves Afrofunk music and meets other musicians of different origins (jazz, funk, latin, popular music) of the Bolognese scene. Together with Andrea Lazzari, Valentino Pirino, Saverio Batterio, Gionata Lazzari, Marco Garcia, Michele Murgioni and Vincenzo Durante, the idea came true and the BantuBeat were born.

Since April 2017, Bantu Beat has had more than 60 concerts all over Italy. In 2019 will be released their first album of which they have already presented some songs in preview in February and March 2018 at the Baretto del Leoncavallo in Milan, the Cortile Cafè and the Mercato Sonato in Bologna and at other venues in Emilia Romagna. During the summer the presentation of other songs, all original, continued in other clubs and festivals such as Serre dei Giardini Margherita Kilowatt Summer 2018 in Bologna, the Festa della Musica of Nonantola and at the music festival at Bagno Polka in Marina Romea. Another important date is November 2018, when they presented their album at Làbas in Bologna.

The BantuBeat through the sound of some songs, offer to each member of the group and then to each instrument, the opportunity to play and express personal and improvised ideas, unrelated to rigidity and traditional and classical accompaniments.

United by a strong passion for funk sounds and afrobeat music, BantuBeat are represented by a formation with particular Afrofunk colors. The repertoire ranges from original songs to some of the most interesting formations and / or artists such as Fela Kuti in primis, Ebo Tayolr, the Soul Jazz Orchestra, Jungle Fire, The Shoulin Afronauts, The Budos band and Antibalas. Their music is seasoned with colours and contaminations of other personal styles and musical genres linked to the history of African, jazz, ethnic and funky music.

In some of their presentation concerts and within their first album, they have collaborated and played exceptional musicians such as, Danilo Mineo, Reda Zine and Guglielmo Pagnozzi.


Show: live concert
Country: Italy
Genre: Afro-Funk and Afrobeat music