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Circo El Grito

El Grito Circus was born in Brussels in 2007 following the meeting of Uruguayan aerial acrobat Fabiana Ruiz and Italian multi-disciplinary artist Giacomo Costantini. From the International Circus Biennial of Brussels to Rome’s Parco della Musica Auditorium, El Grito has performed its shows across Europe, presenting contemporary circus in all three of its symbolic locations: the street, the theatre and the big top. With more than one thousand performances of eight different productions, El Grito is a unique example of a contemporary circus company that has systematically presented its work in its country’s most prestigious cultural centres. Fabiana Ruiz is a contemporary circus artist who specializes in aerial acrobatics, with a focus on “hand over hand” techniques and a deep passion for the art of bodily equilibrium. Besides staging performances, her experience with El Grito has led to her study “living scenography”, which has become an integral part in the creation of shows. Giacomo Costantini is a multi-disciplinary artist who, in the late 1990s, began to research a synthesis between various artistic environments, leading him to focus on contemporary circus drama and author numerous international performances. As a passionate philosopher of theoretical physics he has studied the professor Brunelli’s theory of Complex Closed Articulated Systems. Andrea Farnetani, winner of the “Pavè d’Or” at the 2014 Vevey street artist festival, is a multifaceted artist. His research into contemporary clowning led him to study the techniques of circus, dance, theatre and magic. He has taken his performances to festivals and reviews across the world, spreading his love for laughter.

El Grito Circus brings to the stage Johann Sebastian Circus show. A delicate delirium of three dream-like and visionary characters: a daredevil aerial acrobat, a tightrope walking clown and a multi-instrument musician, who take their audience by the hand and invite them into their daily life, their memories and their fantasies. In Johann Sebastian Circus the multidisciplinary nature of contemporary circus, with its dance, juggling and acrobatics, fuses with the power of music in a show suited for all the family. As a work in progress, it was presented as a non-competitor at the Scintille / Asti Teatro 36 festival, winning a special mention. The jury described the show as “an extraordinary example of originality and quality, one that will undoubtedly develop into a luminous showcase piece in the artistic career of this young Italian contemporary circus company.”
Original idea: Ruiz Diaz, Costantini, Bolognini
With: Fabiana Ruiz Diaz, Giacomo Costantini, Andrea Farnetani



Show: Johann Sebastian Circus
Country: Italy - Uruguay
Genre: Contemporary circus

Time Table

13/06/201921:301 h19b - Circo el Grito
14/06/201921:001 h19b - Circo el Grito
15/06/201921:001 h19b - Circo el Grito
16/06/201921:001 h19b - Circo el Grito