Compagnia La Fabiola

Attenti a quei due

Compagnia La Fabiola

Protagonists of the show are two special puppets, designed and developed over the years, constantly evolving. First is Giulio, a fun-loving dog, curious and with a sweet tooth for candies; the other is Fabiola, a shrewd, hot-tempered, and spiteful character, provided of a disarming power typical of a clown. The two are extremely communicative, and improve their potential, creating an encounter of great excitement. This one involves, fascinates and transports the audience into the puppets’ world, a cosmos commonly addressed to the children, but actually astonishing for everyone, reminding the necessity of wonder as the essential nourishment for our souls.

The Compagnia La Fabiola has been working on the highly sophisticated puppets’ design, manufacture and animation for years. The outcome: two puppets that not only move all parts of their bodies, but also all the visage details. Thanks to this, they interact with the audience in a surprisingly natural way, tearing down the thin barrier that separates reality from fiction. They are almost alive, astonishing and moving! The company was born from the idea of Nives Valsecchi and Giancarlo Casati, puppeteer, clown, juggler, and acrobat who has been performing in squares and stages since 1995.

Show: Attenti a quei due
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppet theatre

    Time Table

    13/06/201921:0035 min3 - Salita Valentini
    14/06/201918:1535 min11 - Piazzetta san Rocco
    14/06/201922:4535 min3 - Salita Valentini
    15/06/201915:4535 min5 - Piazza Mastini
    15/06/201920:0035 min3 - Salita Valentini
    15/06/201922:3035 min3 - Salita Valentini
    16/06/201916:1535 min11 - Piazzetta san Rocco
    16/06/201921:1535 min3 - Salita Valentini