Creme & Brulè

Viaggio al Centro della Luna

Creme & Brulè

Creme & Brulè embark on an incredible journey, towards the unknown, towards the Moon! Towards a dreamed world, inhabited by aliens, foreign creatures, and beings made of pure fire. Inspired by "Gli esploratori dell'infinito""The Explorers of the Infinite" by Yambo, an illustrator and writer of the early twentieth century, the two artists have begun to imagine a fantastic journey. The art of fire has always been their specialty, so their artistic research is driven by the desire to stage an incandescent place. In this new show Viaggio al Centro della Luna, their artistic experiment is a new approach to fire: the mixture between the element and the puppet theater. This allowed them to create fantastic creatures that until then they were only in their imagination, and as a form of entertainment they chose street theater. With their performances they appeal to a transversal public, in fact the strongly visual component is an attraction not only for youths, but also for adults passionate of the genre fantasy. The game, a constant in the show, makes it suitable even for children. Get ready for an incredible adventure, ready for a journey to the edge of fantasy!


Show: Viaggio al Centro della Luna
Country: Italy
Genre: Puppet theatre and fire

Time Table

14/06/201923:0045 min20 - Anfiteatro
15/06/201921:3045 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro