De Stijle, Want...

Toni Ronaldoni

De Stijle, Want...

Ladies and Gentlemen, this stirring and dynamic show by that famous maestro Toni Ronaldoni, winner of the golden tapir at San Benedetto, signals a dazzling revival of the traditional family circus. This, the first production in the long history of de Stijle, Want… (since 1984) that is suitable for all ages, is a milestone. Never been seen before. Experience this unrivalled, captivating rebirth of circus as circus is meant to be. Bravo, bravissimo!
Outside the small circus tent De Stijle, Want… entertains the waiting audience. Inside you are overwhelmed by a surprising experience, a few minutes later you leave the tent with a souvenir for life. And you don't say a thing. De Stijle, Want… is a secret pleasure. Those who want to know, have to go inside. De Stijle, Want… produces the greatest show for the smallest public.


Show: Toni Ronaldoni
Country: Netherland
Genre: Comedy theatre

Time Table

14/06/201918:003 h23 - Campo degli Strigoli
15/06/201916:303 h23 - Campo degli Strigoli
16/06/201916:003 h23 - Campo degli Strigoli