Frei One Man Band

Concerto One Man Band

Frei One Man Band

Frei reproduces all the instruments and his songs, using only electric guitar and his groovy voice on the loop station. At the limit of a legal sound, he proposes guerrillia lyrics on an explosion of vintage instruments and 60s Vox amplifiers, mixed with street perfromer's technics. A project that unites sognwriting to Disco-House beat and World music sounds.


Show: Concerto One Man Band
Country: Italy
Genre: Songwriting, Disco-House and World Music

Time Table

14/06/201921:3045 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando
16/06/201916:3045 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando
16/06/201919:3045 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando