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GimmiGiamma DjShow

The GimmiGiammaDjShow is not just a dj set. Extricating itself in a jungle of Caribbean and South American rhythms, moving with mastery between a mambo and a cumbia, between balkan and swing, enriching everything with a funk base and lots of electronics, GimmiGiamma sets up a real show for the eager palates which crave for parties and buena waves. In fact, there are changes of dress, bright furs, futurist glasses, confetti cannons and fresh fruit, all garnished with an abundant dose of jumps and great smiles.

Show: Dj Set
Country: Italy
Genre: Global bass, Electro, Funk, Cumbia, Balkan, Swing

Time Table

14/06/201901:302 h19 - Palacirco
15/06/201901:302 h19b - Circo el Grito
16/06/201902:001 h 15 min19 - Palacirco
17/06/201902:001 h 15 min19 - Palacirco