John Fisherman


John Fisherman

#MoneyForFree is a political-poetic urban intervention by the Norwegian artist John Fisherman.

Through his appearances, announced only via social networks (@moneyxfree), accompanied by the regent speakers of the #MoneyForFree movement who give voice to the audience and the passers-by, John invites us to think upon the significance of the capitalistic society we live in, prone to the cult of money. A challenge, a public order disturbance that, in the form of a game, someone would even say reality show, tries to examine the relationship we have with money and to what extent are we aware of our society’s ability to take responsibility and make decisions together.


Show: #MoneyForFree
Country: Norway
Genre: Street performing intervention

Time Table

14/06/201919:451 h13 - Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati
15/06/201917:451 h13 - Orto dei Frutti Dimenticati