Leggermente a Sud

Musica e teatro

Leggermente a Sud

The musical project Leggermente a Sud (Slightly to the South), is a collaboration of two artists, Raffaella Rufo and Paride Zita, in a Mediterranean fusion of rhythms. Experiences that they have assimilated for years in their countless collaborations and musical projects in the world of popular and non popular music. A repertoire covering the whole Southern Italy, with Tammorriate,Tarantelle, Pizzica, canti a Fronna, and Villanelle, songs in honour of the Old Ladies, songs about life, stories, and legends handed down over time. Songs that exorcise and evoke work in the fields, Love in all its facets, Hatred, suffering and Joy. All in respect and in the historical context of the people, always in search and dissemination of popular traditions, all with the instruments of tradition: accordion, classical guitar and swing, drums, double bass, castagnette, putipù and various.


Show: Musica e teatro
Country: Italy
Genre: Music, songs and dances from South Italy
Email: leggermenteasud@gmail.com

Time Table

14/06/201917:1545 min7 - Pianetto
14/06/201919:4545 min3 - Salita Valentini
15/06/201919:0045 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando
15/06/201922:0045 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando
16/06/201915:3045 min3 - Salita Valentini