The Art of Taiko


The primordial vibration that created life billions of years ago is the same vibration that echoes within each of us. The Taiko (Japanese drum) is able to awaken that sleepy energy and make it re-emerge at full power, putting us in a condition that best expresses our being and our essence.
Its vibration is capable of creating a resonance with the deepest part of us, with the player and with the listener. Thus it is easy to find a common breath, increasing sensitivity and positive thinking.
Listen to the heartbeat, look for your own personal rhythm and release your original personality.
The show will focus on the art of traditional Japanese percussion and other accompanying instruments (such as flute, bells, rattles).
Two artists will perform, the brothers Mugen and Naomitsu Yahiro. The instruments and interests to which they devote themselves include a global study that goes beyond the mere musical vision.
Through the arduous training of the body they try to reach the stability of the mind and the state of mind to deepen the spirit, which finds its maximum expression and manifestation through the powerful and primordial vibrations of the drum, in an experience that immerses the audience in a mystical and overwhelming spectacle.


Show: The Art of Taiko
Country: Italy
Genre: Traditional Japanese percussions

Time Table

13/06/201920:3030 min20 - Anfiteatro
14/06/201915:3030 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando
14/06/201918:0030 min12 - Sasso d'Orlando