Murmuyo is willing to build a theatrical-circus play. The audience is ready, the scenography disposed, but the most important thing is missing: the actors… and that’s when the show starts! Exhibiting, once again, Murmuyo’s provocation and shocking senses, which relocates the public to be the main course "actors" of this soirée, with an exciting ending, achieving, as usual, all his goals and even more… An urban theatrical work that the actor manipulate using mime techniques with a huge dose of imagination.

Murmuyo was created from the research of movement and gesture in the urban space. Christian Casanova, Murmuyo, makes up a home made virtuosity of exuberant imagination, taking the audience to frenetic experiences with millions of visual impacts, unbelievable actions and lovely interactions with the audience and innocent participants.

Show: Fisura
Country: Chile
Genre: Street comedy theatre and improvisation

Time Table

14/06/201920:4545 min1 - Piazza
15/06/201919:0045 min21 - Piazza Montefeltro
15/06/201923:1545 min1 - Piazza
16/06/201918:1545 min1 - Piazza